Why my company Hotibo and the project are interesting

Why my company Hotibo and the project are interesting


I will gradually introduce you to the course of the matter — why my company Hotibo and the project are interesting, promising, and now is the time when you need to start learning how to make money in this market.

My email hotiboadv@gmail.com is officially registered in the Play Market service and the Hotibo applications are officially connected to the Gpay payment system.

I have ROOT access to the project (server, databases, files and software product), to user wallets, to SSL certificates, to each user account (which is already more than 100 thousand), including IP address, email. mail, account status, etc.

I want to delegate some of my work to managers in order to increase sales, and therefore income. I described your% in the marketing plan. In addition to selling the product, I also came up with a form of accelerated promotion of the company by word of mouth (referral program of affiliate links). Those of you who appreciate this direction of recruiting will make good money in the future. This scheme works very effectively if you believe in it and understand the principles of personal direct selling.

Why did I create this job? It’s very simple — I need a team of managers serving a large site. There is a lot of work (moderating / consulting clients by phone, etc.). Those of you who listen (read my messages), believe in them and start working — will earn their salary honestly! I will reward you well. You can be sure. I am 37 years old, I have been working in the field of Internet programming, marketing, investments, etc. for 20 years, and believe me — my level of education will not allow me to offend you! I don’t need bad karma. So…

Further about technologies

Hotibo is now receiving new visitors from SEO traffic of search engines looking for products or services through the search bar in a computer or smartphone browser.

At the moment, our joint task is to provide users with a high-quality website with relevant interesting objects (services, goods, real estate, transport, etc.), prices, i.e. custom content. The site in Ukraine contains 400 thousand ads, in the Russian Federation about the same! How can you make money on this? It’s very simple — you will get a balance in the project and the opportunity to promote hot products and make money both on dropshipping and direct sales through links in price lists. Your video reviews, photos, content and more! Earnings will not keep you waiting!

In developed countries, people are accustomed from childhood to take care of their prospects and make plans for the future.

The main motive for all of us is the possibility of income, the likelihood of this income growing and creating it in a passive residual form — when you retire (for example, for one reason or another, but continue to partially oversee your branch of managers and consumers and make money while at home and operating the system through the monitor screen of a PC / smartphone / tablet).

B2B B2C structures at Hotibo

Today I launched the Hotibo.COM trading platform based on the online store. An interesting solution is already ready professional store like AliExpress with hosting (server + domain) — demo access http://hotibo.com (test@gmail.com qweasdlogin and password for testing the seller’s user account)

This is a collective site where you can add sellers’ products not as on the bulletin board, but as on the B2C trading platform (analogue of Aliexpress, Amazon, Prom).

It looks like an ordinary online store, but inside: a powerful trading platform for sellers — a product that we, our team, sell to customers. Whether it is in an individual form, as a product — a separate online store with a domain name, or as a service for use — a marketplace based on an international domain Hotibo on a powerful Linux server with the ability to add goods for free.

To explore the interface, test access data:



Buyer and Seller Panel Address:


About platform capabilities:


Online store system with Hotibo sellers
Hotibo — a system for creating multi-vendor online stores with sellers

Unlimited sellers for your online store
Hotibo enables merchants to publish and sell products on your online store.

Marketplace management system
Hotibo extends the standard online store system and gives you complete control over sellers, product catalogs and orders.

Seller control panel
Hotibo sellers have their own dashboards in your store to manage their products, orders and customers.

Individual seller profiles
Hotibo enables merchants to personalize their store profile within the overall style of your site.

Adding a product catalog by sellers
Merchants can create their own products using Hotibo, as well as import them from CSV files.

Working with orders and customers
Hotibo notifies sellers of new orders and enables them to process orders.

Products from different sellers
With Hotibo, shoppers have the ability to purchase items from multiple sellers in a single order.

Loyal customer is the key to success
Hotibo enables shoppers to track orders, rate products and resolve issues directly with sellers without leaving your marketplace.

Hotibo is compatible with Russian-language localization, which allows you to create trading platforms for the Russian-speaking market.


What’s in the platform for the user?

The platform is our approach to creating an improved modern universal trading platform that:


designed for sales and usability based on current e-commerce research

really easy to use — for buyers, sellers, marketplace owners and developers stable, reliable and easy to deploy, configure and maintain

HotiboUA Bulletin Board / Auction Project | HotiboRU is a C2C version of the portal.

Next, we will talk about how to make money in Hotibo С2С and B2C

You need to learn entrepreneurship and value the trust placed in you in order to understand the value of the moment in order to take advantage of it in time and achieve positive business results.

There are a lot of video options about what niche products are available for resale and dropshipping on competing projects like Hotibo, but these sites require payments. My site also requires payments, but for applicants from Kramatorsk I provide an opportunity to create a team and make money on various niche products and provide you (partners, colleagues) with the opportunity to become at the origins of a fast-growing corporation and make good money! In Hotibo you get money for promotion, and do not pay for registration and placement!

Next, I show the dropshipping scheme by which you can start earning today:

I will personally provide to your account 4 USD for each interesting product added to the site with a good description. You will be able to use these funds to pay for placement in categories, etc. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Our common tasks are to carry out retail purchases of goods in order to keep a general record of balances for hot goods.
To do this, we can arrange a teamwork and make a purchase each independently, but know that if we have sold the goods, then our colleague has it.

In addition, we can collectively attract investors interested in business development who are ready to lend us funds at%, taking into account the fact that we are guaranteed to return them back to him, provided that we show them a team of living people working in a coordinated and effective manner, and not virtual robots. And it’s not hard to do! Trust me, this is a big prospect to compete with market leaders who buy goods in bulk and pay customs duties for each unit. After all, each of us can order one unit of goods without paying a duty while losing nothing at the thought that there is already a buyer for the paid goods! Therefore, our price will be lower and, accordingly, the product will be more attractive! The main thing when investing in advertising is to have a sufficient stock of goods in the warehouse to meet the regular demand, which we need to work on with you, having properly organized the financial fund and the warehouse.

I make a lot of efforts to ensure that the site works, is easy to use, recognizable, in demand, promoted and that all ads are relevant. On your part, you need to take various steps in order to improve the visibility of the site in search engines and social networks, increase your own sales revenues in order to further invest in the project and attract new users to profit from their regular payments.

Many of you ask for test items

So, the first example of a test task:

  1. create a list of phone numbers of your friends
    check on Viber who is interested in increasing sales via the Internet
  2. offer to act as an intermediary between the supplier (friend / girlfriend, acquaintances, relatives) and the client
  3. take all the necessary data (photos, videos, diagrams, prices, texts, examples, etc.)
  4. place your ad on the portal
  5. provide links to the announcement to the manager in telegram or by mail
  6. get approval for promotion and receive funds for promotion and comments on the prospects of the selected (obtained as a result of marketing) direction (product / service)

I invite you to start acting now through the address book (direct marketing, telemarketing, direct mail), by searching for niche products (aliexpress, amazon, other suppliers from the USA and China), filling the site (posting ads, filling the store) and receiving funds for promotion goods in the TOP from me personally (from 4 USD per position), receive advice from a professional (copywriting, selling texts and infographics, search engine optimization, etc.) and participate in collective procurement management for sales growth and exponential earnings growth (teamwork, exchange of balances etc.).


There is safety in numbers! Together we are a huge force!

Have a nice time of day, with SW. head of the company, Eugene!

telegram @hotiboadv

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